Dover Castle

Dover Castle

21 September 2019 – With Essex Ghost Hunters

Fancy exploring the historic Dover Castle? Well now you can with Essex Ghost Hunters. Dover castle was built in the 11th century and is an imposing sight along the white cliffs. King Henry the started the build of the castle that is currently in existance, but it is belived to be the site of a Roman fort long before the current building was erected.

The castle has been the home to soldiers from the very begining until 1958. During the second world war the site become an army headquaters, with the extensive tunnels underneath being converted to a hospital and secret cold war location.

Essex Ghost Hunters are a very experienced team, having led hundreds of public events since they started. They specialise on holding small events (no more than 20 guests) to ensure the very best ghost hunting experience.

Tickets for the Dover Castle ghost hunt are £75 and can be purchased through their website:

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